Overdrive Downloadables Now Available

October 21, 2008

Last week we were pleased to introduce our new downloadables services offered through Overdrive.

What are downloadables? A downloadable can be an Audiobook, and eBook or a video that you can access from the web.

What does Overdrve offer? Currently we are only offering Audiobooks as downloadables from Overdrive.

How does it work? Go to our Digital Media Site, download the software for your PC, run an update to your Windows Media Player, and then start browsing and downloading titles to your PC.

Once I download what do I do? You can listen to your audiobook right on your computer, or move it over to an MP3 player.

What can’t I do? Unfortunately Overdrive does not yet work with MAC computers. Also we have no titles that are available for downloading to your iPod. Apple and iTunes are proprietary software, therefore, there are still questions about digital rights management (copyright) between Apple, the publishers and Overdrive.

How long can I keep a downloadable? Audiobooks from Overdrive usually checkout for 14 days. After your checkout is over, you will be prompted to delete the download. If you want to listen to it again, or didn’t finish listening, check it out again.

What about limits & holds? You can have 5 titles checked out at one time and 5 holds at one time. There is a 3-day hold period when a title becomes available.

The Digital Media Site is full of helpful information. Look under New Users in the left-side navigation bar. If you have any questions, select the Support page and contact us for support. — Jill



  1. This is great! Unfortunately I have an ipod, so there is nothing I can listen to yet. 😦 Even a burn-to-CD option would be better – those can “expire”, can’t they?

  2. Some of our titles do allow you to burn to CD. Go to the “Advanced Search” option and select “Brillance Audio” as the publisher. I’m not sure about the expiring part once you burn to CD and as informative as the HELP is, it doesn’t say what happens. I haven’t tested that yet, but will give it a try.

  3. What is going on with the Overdrive system. I am unable to log in, I reported it to a staffer over the weekend who confirmed there is a problem and that I would be notified when it is fixed….can you provide an update?

    The error message is

    “Sign In Error

    We’re sorry, but the specified library patron account information is not valid.

    Details: Failed to connect socket. (Socket Error Code #10060: “A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.”)

  4. Hi Jeff,

    The county moved us over to a new ISP last Friday and we are still trying to get all of our outside databases and vendors up and running. We are working on it and I will post a message here on the blog once we are back up and running. Thanks for your patience.

  5. Will there be email notification as well as posting on the blog?

    What is Library doing to keep people up to speed on this?

    The thing is, you have prominently displayed the availability of the “Downloadables” on your website, and it is totally unavailable. Perhaps you should remove it from the website until you get it fixed or post a prominent notice to let people know what is going on.

    How are we supposed to know? Its all about communication.

  6. I posted a notice on our downloadables page, but we still have access to ebooks from NC Live and our downloadable videos. If you need the password to access these, please send me an email at librarywebmaster@durhamcountync.gov and I will send you the password. Also, if you send me an email, I can send you one back when Overdrive is up and running again. – Jill

  7. Overdrive is back up and running smooth. Please contact librarywebmaster@durhamcountync.gov if you have any more problems! – Jill

  8. I just got my library card today and I tried to log in but it came up with a message: We’re sorry, but the specified library patron account information is not valid Details: (2) The specified card could not be found.
    Is it possible that since I just got my card that it’s not registered yet?

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