Top Tech Trends for 2012

December 30, 2011

Pete Cashmore of the blog Mashable (one of my favorite blogs) has listed his predictions for the most popular tech trends for 2012:


I must admit, I’m already using most of these. My favorite is my brand new (home) 21.5 inch touch-screen monitor. Using a monitor without a mouse just seems right after using my iPhone for several years. Don’t get me wrong, I still use the mouse, however when I’m browsing an online magazine, watching a movie or TV show, shopping…all those fun things, it’s great to just swipe to move ahead or tap to select something.

I have also fallen victim to the tablet wars. I bought the new Nook Tablet and although it has many advantages, I find their android system limiting. Again, I love to read online magazines, read ebooks I borrow from the library, play Sudoku and surf the Internet on the tablet. I’m just disappointed with the small number of apps available and the high prices of the ones that are available. The Apple App Store is so overwhelming B&N’s tablet  just cannot compete .

Happy New Year! — Jill


One comment

  1. The CNN article is great and for the most part, I think it is utterly accurate. I am excited for the spatial gestures to work with more devices because it irks me how dirty the screens of my Smartphone and iPad2 can get not matter how hard I try to keep them clean. I am also ready to see how TV providers are going to get TV everywhere going. I have been using the DISH Remote Access app for over a year now with my DISH subscription so that I can watch all of my LIVE TV and DVR recordings on my mobile devices. I’m just a nine to fiver with DISH, but this year I was surprised that other TV providers touted their new TV everywhere apps despite the fact that only a small handful of channels can be watched, and the apps do not work outside of the house. Mine works everywhere I can pick up Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network! Oh, well, here’s to what was a great year in technology and to what will be another remarkable year in technology!

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